Manual scale BAT1 100 lbs



Manual poultry scales

Manual poultry scale BAT1 100 lbs

Used all over the world, BAT1 is clearly the top performer in today´s manual weighing.To optimize production and maximize profit, large numbers of production specialists and managers rely on the data collected and supplied by BAT1 scales. You too will love it!


User-friendly weighing

One scale for all birds

BAT1 can be used to weigh all types of poultry, from day-old chicks to heavy turkeys – always with the 1 gram resolution. > See the pictures

Handy design

Smartly designed, lightweight scale BAT1 brings intuitive control, easy manipulation, comfortable and fast work.

Large graphic display

The backlit high resolution display can show more detailed information than common scales and is easy to read. You can choose from several modes of displaying the information.

Internal speaker

The scale contains an internal speaker, which beeps every time a new bird is stored into memory. It is a clear signal to put another bird on the hook and makes work as fast and fluent as possible.

Internal clock

Each record of a bird stored into memory contains the exact date and time of weighing.

Wide range of languages

The firmware, PC software and user manual – all translated into 14 languages. Choose the one you prefer.

english  spanish  french  german  italian  russian  polish  finnish  hungarian  japanese  portuguese  turkish  czech

Powerful battery

A modern Li-Ion rechargeable battery with a battery life up to 27 hours makes BAT1 a portable device. You can charge the scale from the mains, from a PC using a USB port or in a car.

Model for extremely heavy birds

The standard BAT1 is made for a maximum weight of 30 kg, which is usually more than enough. For demanding customers who work with heavier poultry we have a special variant of the BAT1 weighing up to 50 kg.

Smart Functions

Sorting by sex

When weighing both cocks and hens, each record of a bird weighed also contains information about the sex. The statistics are calculated for each sex separately and for all birds together.

Sorting by weight

Birds can also be sorted by weight into 2 or 3 groups. The statistics are calculated again for each group separately and for all groups together.

Fleshing Score

The BAT 1 poultry scale comes with an easy tool to monitor the fleshing score. Fleshing is determined at the same time when handling the birds during weighing, so it is time effective and convenient.

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Automatic Data Processing

Instant access to the results

You can review the statistical data on the display at any time. The results are updated on the fly when weighing, so they are always up to date.

Easy export and import

Thanks to the software it is easy to share the data among several farms. You can comfortably gather data from all your farms in one place.

Sophisticated PC software

Forget about calculating anything on your own and processing the data manually in Excel tables. The powerful BAT1 software automatically shows statistics, histograms and growth curves of all your flocks. No matter how many farms you have and how many scales you are using, the BAT1 software will combine all the data into results and graphs that are easy to understand for everyone.

Flocks management

Within the BAT1 software you can manage your flocks very effectively. You can compare individual flocks on your farm, compare the performance of individual farms within your company, the performance of your flocks with standard growth curves and much more. > Read more


Wide range of hooks

Each scale contains a basic hook for holding the birds. As an option, other types of hooks can be purchased to make the weighing faster.

Portable printer

Portable, battery powered printer can print a weighing report immediately after weighing.

Carry case

With the hard carry case, your scale will be protected when travelling.

Car charger

Do you travel a lot with the scale? With an included car charger, you can charge the scale in your car.

External battery set

Extend the operating time (up to 5 times) between charging, or have a convenient backup always at hand.

Additional sorting lights

The color-coded LED light placed right beside the display clearly tells you which weight group the current bird falls into even in situations when the acoustic signal alone may not be a clear enough indication.


Manual scale BAT1
Maximum weight

50 kg (100 lb)

Resolution 1 g (0.001 lb)
Memory capacity 11 700 birds in 199 groups
Battery life up to 27 hours
PC connection USB
Printer connection RS-232 serial port
Software Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 compatible with older BAT1 scales


 Statistic calculations:
 Number of birds weighed  Yes
 Average weight  Yes
 Standard deviation  Yes
 Coefficient of variation  Yes
 Uniformity  Yes
 Histogram  Yes

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