AgriShift® TLL Long/Short for Layers and Breeders

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Equipment for Layers

AgriShift® TLL Long/Short for Layers and Breeders

The AgriShift® TLL Long/Short in-system tube light provides layer producers with a lighting solution that meets the needs of today’s modern poultry houses.

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Andrés Carrillo
+(56) 9841 11534


Benefits of the AgriShift® TLL Long/Short for Poultry:

  • Easy installation
  • Two tubes assembly, 5’ and 14”
  • Advanced linear in-system lighting solution
  • Improves animal welfare
  • Durable, Built For Your Barn® design
  • Dim-to-Red® technology enhances performance
  • Fully dimmable with sunrise and sunset feature
  • Patent spectral output for avian vision

The AgriShift® TLL Long/Short in-system tube light provides poultry producers with a lighting solution that meets the needs of today’s modern poultry houses. Made with Dim-to-Red® technology and a Build For Your Barn® design, the AgriShift® TLL Long/Short increases flock performance, decreases labor and maintenance costs and significantly reduces electricity costs. 

Long/Short in-system tube lighting provides a more uniform and continuous light pattern which brings birds into they system while providing a darker nesting area. This promotes movement of birds in the nest box to lay eggs, making them noticeably less stressed and calmer.

The Science

The AgriShift® TLL Long/Short has a deep red saturated light output with an added blue and green spectrum, benefiting the vision of your animal. The enhanced red spectrum is the only spectrum which stimulates a bird’s hypothalamic and pineal oscillators, helping maintain circadian rhythms and promoting sexual maturity.  It also stimulates the release of two reproduction regulating hormones essential for sexual maturation and daily egg production.

Advanced Technology

Dim-to-Red® technology provides a natural sunrise and sunset simulation, reducing stress on your animals.

A Built For Your Barn® design uses techniques and materials that withstand harsh barn environments for years to come.

AgriShift® lighting systems “shift” spectrum and intensity, meeting the individual needs of your animals.

Electrical Specs

Nominal Power 2-Tube Assembly: 10W (at full intensity) 
Luminous Flux 380 lm human photopic (120V Both Tubes) 

750 lm poulty photopic (120V Both Tubes)

Input Voltage 120 VAC* / 50/60 Hz
Beam Angle 200o
Light Output Equivalence Up to 25W incandescent
Spectral Output Species-specific red enhanced white
Operating Temperature  -20oC to 40oC / -4oF to 104oF
Dimmable Range 100% to 5%, dims-to-red hue
Dimmer Type Phase Modulation or Amplitude Control**
Environmental Ratings Suitable for damp locations*** 

OHS Compliant

Safety ETL Listed Conforms to ANSI/UL Std. 1598 Certified to CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 250.-08
Rated Life 50,000 hours 

Mechanical Dimension


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